Our ‘Very Unusual’ Story

Several years ago, a group of Remote Viewers* got together to think up an idea of how best to use their talents. They had worked on various kinds of projects from finding lost objects to locating missing people, sunken Spanish galleons, and even some esoteric and strange projects that were just too strange to speak about in public.

*(A Remote Viewer is someone who has been trained to describe people, places and events at a distance in time (past, present or future) and place. What’s more they are completely ‘blind’ to what they are being asked to gather information on, and usually don’t find out what their ‘target’ is until afterwards. 

Remote Viewing was developed by scientists Hal Puthoff, Russell Targ and Ingo Swann at Stanford Research Institute (SRI International) in the 1970s and 1980s for the U.S. military and intelligence agencies under a highly classified program. Their work was published in the peer reviewed scientific journals ‘Nature’ and ‘Proceedings of the IEEE’, and was so effective that it was used operationally for over twenty years until it was eventually declassified in the 1990s.)

Now, they were looking for something different that would test their abilities, and push the boundaries of Remote Viewing. Various ideas were mulled over and they settled upon the idea of trying to see if they could view in advance the direction of a stock in the market.

How they were going to do that they hadn’t a clue since there was scant evidence of people being able to do it very successfully or for very long. This really was unknown territory since none of them were actively involved in the market, and didn’t know much more beyond the idea of buying low and selling high.

What they needed was someone with that kind of knowledge who would be willing to fill in the gaps (albeit huge ones), and guide the Remote Viewers in figuring out how to accomplish their goal. To their utter surprise they found a trader with years of experience in the market who found the idea intriguing. (It was possible he was simply curious what kind of train wreck a bunch of Remote Viewers with zero experience and in the markets would create, but no one dared asked.) Thus, with a team assembled, Alchemy5 Edge was born.

Now, with a goal and a team in place the only problem was they had no idea of how to actually do it. Thus began the long and tedious process of figuring out how to accomplish what seemed to be the impossible.

They experimented with various instruments including stocks, options and ETFs viewed over varying time horizons from a couple of days, to weeks to months.

After much trial and error the team developed a methodology for trying to determine the movement of various instruments including stocks, ETFs and options over various timeframes from days to months.

Over a period of two years of multiple sessions per week, and all the while keeping meticulous records so they could keep track of how well things worked, or not, a clear winner emerged. During their trials, while other instruments showed marginal results, ETFs stood out above all the others with an impressive 55% profitability which was well above statistical chance.

However, exhausted by the pace of the viewing and with other commitments calling, the team set aside the project and got on with their lives leaving their goal achieved but sitting on the shelf to gather dust.

Then in October 2020 the members pulled the idea from a few years earlier off the shelf and, with some tweaking and re-tooling, began the tests again. It was evident very quickly that the changes they had made were working. They set a goal of one year to prove that they could be consistent in their ability to determine the direction of an ETF, and could sustain a significant level of profitability.

One year later they had achieved an unqualified success of almost sixty percent profitability which was soon topped by an 80% level of profitability. (See chart below)

Now Alchemy5 Edge, with their unique method of gaining extraordinary results, is offering their weekly calls to traders seeking the trading edge they have always wanted.

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